One of the most traumatic experiences for me is separation. I hate that when a relationship ended. Breaking up, death, moving to another city, I need years to deal with the pain and loss. I think it's related to my human traits and feeling of deep attachment in life. Over…

I think being aware as an empath helps me to limit my interaction with people. That's the ideal situation. But actually, I still interact with people — who I can call as Energy Vampire. Those who don’t aware and bring a lot of negativity. I’m still a baby who learns to walk especially in this matter. I just wish to go back to Bali soon.

Panggilannya Gaharu.
Nama itu yang tertiup angin ketika aku melewati Lembah Menoreh di Magelang.
Ketika embun pagi secara perlahan terangkat di atas hutan.
Aku memejamkan mata dan mendengar nama-mu lagi, “Gaharu…”

People are afraid to get hurt. I get it. That’s why he said that love should free him and not put him in any cage. That’s why he decided not to pursue whatever possibilities that we may had. He’s afraid that attachment or distance will hurt him. …

Sometimes you have this wonderful idea at 2 AM. I think that's the right time at the right place kind of idea.

The more I’m doing this, the more I realize that slowly I create the path for my feet to walk to my destiny. I love doing what I’m doing for my clients. I love how that now everything is still a learning process and God gives me the opportunity to learn and to grow.

I think one of the biggest achievements (because I keep pushing myself forward) is to finally create my Tarot/Oracle/Energy reading page for the public. I called it Your Soul Journey: because as a human, sentient-being, our soul wanders in this world and wonders how our life would make a difference…

It’s Autumn now in Canberra. Paul always sends me pictures of autumn trees, because he knows I love them so much. Are you still in Swansea? I believe it's Spring now in the U.K, and I hope you have amazing scenery also.

I’m back in Jakarta a month ago. Back…

Coming back to Jakarta is tough. I knew how hard living in this big city, not to mention that I came back live with my family. It’s my next challenge.

The second week I returned back home, my grandma was admitted to the hospital and need to get to the…

The name appears in my dream last night after I watched several youtube tarot reading about twin flame and new potential relationship.

In one of the readings, it said the potential relationship will involve someone with D and U.

I don’t know what is this but I do hope it means something good :)

If its only a ‘bunga tidur’ then it could be fine. But if its true, I just want to write it here as a reminder lol.

Well, Danu, see you when I see you, I guess.

My mum raised me to be a competitive person, always aim for the best and excel in anything. On the positive side, I feel like accomplishing things are my main goals, I was a good student during my school and have a good job, etc. …

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An empath who tries to balance the chaos around me

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